Questions about People

How do I join the POE project?:
Contributions vary from easy to very, very hard. It's all worthwhile in the end.

Curtis Poe:
People constantly ask [Curtis Poe] if he's "The POE Guy". Curtis POE is not the POE guy. Please stop asking him. Rocco Caputo created POE, and a bunch of people write it (yay, open source). Curtis is not one of them.

Questions about POE

/Is POE included in Perl's standard distribution?:
Sorry to disappoint you. :(
/Is POE compatible with Windows?:
Do you mean Windows 95, 98, 98se, ME, XP, NT 3, NT 4, or 2000?
/Will Perl 6 make POE obsolete?:
Sorry to disappoint you. :)
/What do version numbers mean?:
They're a little odd.

Technical Questions

Also see the POE Cookbook.

Are POE and Moose compatible?:
In short, yes.
How does POE react to time changes?:
Daylight saving time wreaks havoc with clocks. How does that affect POE?
Why does POE pass parameters as array slices?:
@_[KERNEL, HEAP, ARG0] and the reasons for it.
/How do I fix memory or resource leaks?:
Techniques for hunting the elusive resource leak.
/How do I force a session to shut down?:
Stopping sessions for the impatient.
/How should I create my session?:
There's more than one way to do it.
/Why do my sessions not stop on their own?:
What keeps sessions alive, and what you can do about it. This also explains why sessions don't stop sometimes.
/How do I sleep without pausing everything?:
Porting blocking delays to POE events.
/How do I loop without pausing everything?:
Porting long loops to POE events.
/Should I use with POE?:
Some reasons for using this plug-in event loop, and some reasons not to.
/Why doesn't my POE program end when I hit Ctrl-C?:
A little about how POE handles signals and process hogging.
/Is POE thread safe?:
what can I share.
How do I get a process' exit value with Wheel::Run?:
A recent post to POE's mailing list explains how to match SIGCHLD data to one of many Wheel::Run instances.
/run method never called?:
Why do I get "POE::Kernel's run() method was never called" when I try to run my POE program as a daemon?
/Delay for another session:
Many folks want to post to another session after a delay.
Should AIO (IO::AIO) be used to open/close files to avoid blocking?

Questions about POE::Component::IRC

Also see the IRC section in the POE Cookbook.

Why does POE::Component::IRC send messages so slowly?:
The mechanics of IRC flood protection, on the server and client sides, and ways to avoid it.

Can't locate POE/Component/ in @INC?:
I installed POE, but my IRC script gives me that error. Why, oh why?!