Short Answer

Not unless Perl 6 includes POE.

Longer Answer

When it's finally released, Perl 6 undoubtedly will make parts of POE obsolete. For example, Perl 6 should have native support for events.

Events are a relatively small and hidden part of POE, though. In fact, POE includes plug-in support for four different event loops behind its single set of public functions. POE will include plug-in support for Perl 6's native event loop, when it's released.

Perl 6 will make POE smaller and faster. POE will be able to replace its obsolete parts with native Perl 6 features. Parrot assembler code will be available to speed up the bits that have no Perl 6 counterparts.

Besides fundamental differences between Perl 5 and 6, POE programs should port over with relatively few changes. While POE's guts undergo an upheval, its public interfaces will remain pretty much the same.

<purl> POE should be made obsolete by Perl 6!
<dngor> but it won't.