Programmers and consultants with POE experience. If you need to outsource a robust, multitasking or massively networked Perl application, these are some of the people to contact.

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- A -

Alberto Curro

I use POE as the base for a broadcasting headend-based forward/proxy server, developed as a multiple-instance daemon, receiving massive traffic from video encoders to CDNs (Akamai, Microsoft, etc.), avoiding the encoders and headend equipment to deal with network delays and latencies, performing in-place mainstream transformations, analysis, accounting, etc. Our best numbers are 8Gbps stable-traffic flowing to the CDN using only one server with 16 instances :).

My field of expertise is mainly networking development and multitasking.

- B -

billn (Bill Nash)

I've been tinkering around with POE for a year or so. I like to do crazy things like storing my code in db's and doing distributed event management across fleets of POE daemons numbering in the hundreds. My field of expertise is network management, and I use POE very heavily for syslog analysis, snmp polling, service and system monitoring, and custom hackery for rapid application prototyping.

My goal is to make rocco cry.

- C -

Todd Caine

I've been using POE for about a year now and have done some really neat things with it. Most recently I used POE as the heart of a distributed SNMP polling engine with redundant server nodes using an election algorithm to handle server failover. The software is currently in production use for a Tier 1 ISP where it is used to collect billing data for a usage-based internet product.

ekkis (erick calder)

Involved with the POE effort since the middle of 2000 Erick and has authored a number of [components], some of which have made their way into [CPAN].

Erick is also the author of the [me'mi-ki] project, an IRC-based p2p network architecture developed in POE. In his spare time (not by any means extensive) he thinks about anarchy, butterflies and learning to write Sanskrit.

Rocco Caputo (Rocco)

Rocco Caputo is the author of POE. Hire Rocco for your next POE based project! You get him writing your code, he gets to buy pizza and tea, and POE gets exercised in yet another real-world scenario! Note Added by Android 18: Rocco... what a cool name :)

Matt Cashner (sungo)

I've done lots of crazy things in POE, including irc bots, an RDBMS->OO daemon, mp3 players, fax queue management software, and many others. I hack POE internals and am the author of several POE Components. In my spare time, I take long walks on the beach and annoy rocco with random thoughts.

Richard Clamp

From his [Curriculum Vitae]: "My primary role was to further develop a wap targeted web crawler. This was initially written to be forking, with a lot of co-ordination at the end of the run; it was re-implemented in an event based model based around the POE framework."

- D -

David Davis (Xantus)

I'm an experienced perl, and mod_perl programmer. I've written a few modules and am working on more, Look at my page Xantus for more info.

Jonathan Scott Duff (PerlJam)

I've only just started using POE by futzing around with the pastebot. Though I've long know that POE is a good thing, this is my first time using it.

- G -

Philip Gwyn (Leolo)

18 years experience as a professional programmer and 7 years of programming experience with Perl. I specialise in custom web developement, Open Source integration, e-commerce and system administration. I've used POE extensively since pretty much it's first release.

- M -

Delano Mandelbaum (delano)

I have used POE to create an application which parses many millions of lines of data into a MySQL database, then plays with the data for a while before outputting it many hours later. POE and I have also worked together to tickle some fancy and firefight.

Scott McCoy (tag)

I maintain several POE related modules on CPAN. I have created many solutions to interesting problems using POE. I have contributed to many POE related modules written by other people.

Olivier Mengué (DOLMEN), Paris, France

I maintain POE::Component::Schedule and wrote a mission critical application that uses it for scheduling processes (à la cron).

Markus Müller (markus mueller), Augsburg, Germany

I wrote in POE a remote access solution for a international concern, a public WLAN router solution, a GUI framework, the VPN server part of a VPN solution and much more. Starting with POE::Filter::SSL I am now visible as perl module maintainer.

- S -

Randal Schwartz (Merlyn)

Besides writing columns about it, I've also written mission-critical applications for a Very Large Old-school Dot Com client providing web APIs for a task management queuing system interfacing with legacy processes and procedures. And a bunch of other little stuff for my own role as the sysadmin for my own company. "No job too big! No fee too big!"