I have installed POE for use with $some_irc_script. When I run the script, however, I get:

  Can't locate POE/Component/IRC.pm in @INC (@INC contains: WHATEVER)
  BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at WHATEVER line WHATEVER.


Most POE components are distributed separately by design. If you think POE's main distribution is big now, just imagine it with all those modules bundled in!

Anyway, it means you'll need to install POE::Component::IRC in addition to POE. If you try to install POE::Component::IRC first, sane package managers will say: "Hey, you also need POE! Want to install it, too?"

However, package managers usually won't do it the other way around. You will rarely (if ever) see: "Hey, you installed POE, which is used by 93 other modules! Want to install them, too?"