Using CPAN

The easiest and perhaps most reliable way to download POE is through the CPAN shell. One command should install POE and any dependencies:

  cpan -i POE

Getting a Tarball

If you prefer to install tarballs manually, the latest one is always at [POE's author directory at CPAN Search]. The README in the tarball contains instructions.

Old Versions

[Rocco's BackPAN archive] contains every public POE release going back to the very first release in August 1998. Warning, this page is rather large.

Development Versions

POE's source code is currently hosted at three locations thanks to the wonders of modern, distributed version control:

Building and testing from a Subversion checkout is almost as easy as installing POE by hand. From POE's main source directory:

  perl Makefile.PL
  make test

If everything looks good, and you're feeling lucky:

  make install

Windows users should use nmake from Microsoft instead of make. It's a free download. The instructions should otherwise be the same.