General Support

POE's community provides a lot of written support, including documentation; articles, tutorials, and presentations; FAQs; and a cookbook.

Reporting Problems

Please submit problem reports via [POE's request tracker]. Our request tracker helps in a few ways:

Please include as much detail as possible. You are much more likely to receive a prompt response if you include the smallest program that illustrates the problem. If we can run it, we can probably diagnose it, often in a matter of hours.

POE'S Community Mailing List

/POE's mailing list is read by developers and users from many countries and industries. They are some of POE's most capable and resourceful users. If you've encountered a problem, chances are good that someone has already solved it.

Fee Based Consulting

POE's developers are sometimes available for one-on-one consultation or contract work. Please contact <poe at> for a price quote.


POE users and developers can be found in channel #poe on at least the following IRC networks:

IRC may be a cheaper alternative to fee-based consulting, but many developers put their jobs before online chat. POE's mailing list may be slower, but it tends to be more professional and informative. Fee-based consulting tends to be more reliable.