POE is a Perl framework for reactive systems, cooperative multitasking, and network applications. Read more about POE.

POE is the most supported event loop for Perl.

Starting Points

[POE on MetaCPAN] includes online hypertext documentation, the latest release, and links to other resources. If you like POE, bump its karma while you're there.

[POE on GitHub] is where development happens. You can keep up to date on the latest changes.

POE's Cookbook contains short, illustrative example programs for many aspects of programming with POE. Many of them have been adapted into full applications.

[Reflex] is an ongoing project to create object oriented reactive building blocks with POE and Moose. POE is stable, and its creator is bored.

Other Resources

The above resources are dynamic and updated automatically. The rest of this wiki is not. Check the fine print in the page footer for instructions how to edit the site. You can subscribe to site updates via the RSS links in the left sidebar (the orange ones).

A brief overview of POE.

POE's support resources include mailing lists, IRC channels, where to report bugs, and other support options.

We include and link to several tutorials. Some have been presented at OSCON, YAPC, PerlMongers, and other conferences around the world.

POE's FAQ is an ongoing effort to create comprehensive Q&A documentation. The site's hosted in a wiki, so feel free to chime in.

Other Users and Uses

Programmers and consultants with POE experience may be able to assist you with your next powerful, multitasking or massively networked Perl application. Add yourself if you'd like to be included.

Organizations and companies using POE have their own page. Add your company or organization.

Several projects use POE to provide networking and concurrency services. Many more exist in-house or are otherwise shrouded in secrecy.

Research and Development

POE's live notes include avenues of research being pursued and changes being actively developed. If you have mission critical systems using POE, this is the place to look for deprecation and implementation schedules that may affect you.

POE development tools are experimental projects to automate POE development and application coding.

Support POE! It doesn't necessarily cost money. Perhaps you'd like to join us.

View POE repository statistics at [CIA].

Contributing to the Site

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