The files here are from a prototype of a mid-level language to describe state machines for POE. Its proof of concept application is a simple TAP/ISO text pager client with a modem autodialer. The task was chosen because it's a simple yet non-trivial state machine.

[The translation program] may not be adequately documented. Because it's being rewritten, it won't be supported in its current state.

A second design is in the long, slow process of being written in people's spare time. Contact Rocco if you have some spare time and would like to see it done sooner.

Things to see here:

Graphviz can also create GIF and PING files, but they tend to be huge. Scaling them to reasonable sizes makes their details difficult to see. The PostScript and PDF renditions are scalable, and you can zoom in to see their finer details.

The language needs a name. It would be nice to have one with a pronounceable acronym. Here's a current list of suggestions: