There's an increasing interest in programs that generate POE code from other sources.


Coral has something too, but he's going to have to document it himself.

I have heard of a program that takes dia files and generates perl code. It's not specific to POE, but it could be warped for someone's nefarious purposes. Muah ha ha ha ha!

When coral makes a page for his project, don't forget to list these issues:


/POE DFA is a work in progress, if you can call neglect progress. It accepts meta-code files (often containing real code) that describe the flow of execution from one state to another. The code generator program will output perl code for POE. It also can generate GraphViz input files that generate "pretty" flow diagrams of the resulting program.


Rocco: POE's original purpose (and the second acronym expansion) was to be a Perl Object Environment. The idea was to create a programming environment that worked like a MUD.

There is a lot of stuff to put up here, but there is no time to do it right now. ToDo: Post prototypes, design documents, and notes. Oh, gods, the notes.