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# $Id: CHANGES,v 1.1 2000/08/24 17:15:39 rcaputo Exp $

This file lists xws' changes, recent to oldest.

2000.03.24 - Release 1.0

The ability to ask for a specific clue, by ID (e.g., clue 1a).

Display the known letters for each clue (e.g., --X--Y--), adding in
some hangman-like look and feel.

Put numbers in the grid display.

Allow people to see all the clues, including solved ones.

Add fuzzy clue matching, so "clue 1" will show all the available "1"
clues (1a, 1d, both or neither).

Make the word "clue" optional.  "1" is now a synonym for "clue 1".

American style crosswords have large open spaces.  It's possible that
solving one clue may incidentally solve others.  Detect and display

Clues, headers and notes may contain leading, trailing or doubled up
whitespace.  Clean this up.  They may also contain a high-bit
copyright symbol.  Find it, and replace it with "(c)".

Add the "touch" command to see changed solutions since the last time
"touch" was invoked.

Answers were obscuring numbers in the grid display.  Widen each cell
enough to display a two-digit number and an answer letter.

Add the "say" command as an alias for speaking, to please the MUD

Add the "do" command as an alias for emoting, just for the hell of it.

Show failed attempts at a solution, but don't say who tried them.

The grid display is almost uselessly busy.  Tweak how numbers are

The administrative features are protected by the secrecy of the
command to activate them.  That's bad; add a password, hardcoded into
the source.

Allow administrators the ability to list directories, so they can see
which puzzles are available.

Allow administrators to load new puzzles, rather than restarting the
server each time.

Some series' of crossword puzzles include solutions and explanations
in the notes.  Lock the notes (prevent them from being viewed) until
the puzzle has been solved.

The ls listing is virtually useless just spewed across the lines.
Make it columnar, and make the directory to list optional (but default
it to .).

Put the executable check last in the file listing, so executable
directories and things are marked as such.

Write a proper help system.

Add an option to enable ANSI color in the grid display.  This helps
mitigate the grid's godawful busy-ness.

Show which clues cross a particular clue in the clue display.

Change the current directory to the program's directory at start time.

Alter the admin's restart command's help to reflect the path where
xws.perl resides.

Remove the "d" or "a" in the crossed clues display, since the crossing
clues are all perpendicular to the displayed one anyway.  Duh!

Move the server configuration to a separate text file, and engineer
the default password so that people are inclined to change it.

Add a program to generate new passwords.

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