Don't Overlink

Books define unusual words once and assume the reader remembers the meaning. Likewise, this wiki should link once from a word to its defining page.

Pages in the navigation menu may be mentioned in wiki pages, but they do not need to be linked at all.

It's okay to link to pages that don't exist yet. Dead-end links are one way to suggest new topics.

Top-Level Pages

Pages that appear in the navigational menu should contain only "finished" text that summarized the topic space.

In-depth discussions about subtopics, including future development and editorial comments about the page should be placed in subpages.

Sub-Level Pages

Subpages that are tightly bound to their parent topic should begin with a leading forward slash. For example, most of the FAQ and Cookbook pages exist beneath the top-level FAQ and Cookbook indices.

Page Names

Page names become their URLs. They should be succinct and descriptive. Administrators can rename pages later, but this moves the page and potentially breaks people's bookmarks.

Preview Changes

Please preview your work before saving changes. The wiki formatting is easy to get wrong sometimes.

Summarize Changes

Please provide change summaries when saving changes. It helps the recent changes page be meaningful.

Major vs. Minor Edits

Minor edits are reserved for cleanup and formatting work that isn't worthy of mention on the recent changes page. Users may elect to watch minor edits. The administrators do to keep an eye out for abuse.


This site currently uses usemod wiki markup.

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