Here are a few ways to give back to POE, especially if it's helped you at some point, and you just wouldn't feel right unless you returned the favor.

Send us Social Karma

Even the smallest acts help support POE. The easiest and least costly way to help the project is probably to rate us online. Suggestions:

Send Cash

There is a PayPal account for project-related expenses. It doesn't cover them completely, but everything helps.

Buy Our Stuff

We have a [POE's Cafe Press store] with some POE swag in it. Every item you buy includes a small donation to the project, usually between 50 cents and a dollar. Plus, you get a sticker you can use to deface your favorite electronic device or vehicle!

Contribute Your Services

POE is a large project, with many sub-projects and spin-offs. We're always looking for talented and motivated developers, and not just coders. We need:

Every improvement matters! Even small or short-term contributions make POE better.

Contact us at <poe at> if you have skills and some time to donate to the project. We can't necessarily pay you, but we'll be happy to showcase your work and give you full credit.

Hire Us

Support POE's development directly by hiring its developers to work or consult on your next POE-based project. Have you run into some snag, and you need an expert's advice? We can help! (Often we'll do it for free, if we think POE may be at fault.)

In the end, you get a world-class application, we get to pay the rent, and POE is improved in the process. Everybody wins!


Just using POE encourages us to keep improving it. Thank you!