What XWS Looks Like

Xws is a chat server, so how it looks tends to change with the client. These are snapshots of it running out of tinyfugue (a MUD client). I've tweaked the window font to make the crossword grids squarish.

There are three pictures on this page.

Chat clients aren't guaranteed to support color, so xws displays the grid in monochrome by default. Some clues are displayed at the top of the window, followed by the crossword grid itself.

ANSI color codes have been enabled. Someone named "dngor" answered clue 15-across (SPANIARD). It crosses four other clues: 5, 7, 8 and 16-down. 29 unsolved clues remain.

A lot of people find the grid tedious, especially in heated multi-user play. Xws is playable without the grid, giving the game a "hangman" feel. I've reloaded the crossword puzzle and answered 15-across again. The "touch" command shows clues that have been crossed by recent answers, letting players see new clues quickly.