Here you'll find various POE tutorials, some homegrown some on other sites. Let us know if you'd like to publish or mirror your own tutorial here.

Evolution of a POE Server is an introduction to POE programming for people who have had experience with IO::Socket and IO::Select. It briefly covers POE programming concepts, the anatomy of a sample POE program, and then ports Perl Cookbook's non-forking TCP server to POE.

Postbacks is a mini-tutorial on the strange-but-true postback concept. It was was originally posted to POE's mailing list and is a brief glimpse at what you're missing if you're not subscribed.

Below is a list of presentations, articles, and postings about POE. Things are listed here from most recent to oldest.


October 21

[JJ Merelo] presented a [introductory tutorial (in Spanish)], which uses theater as a metaphor for an event loop.


July 27

Rocco Caputo will be presenting his tutorial [Comprehensive POE] at OSCON, O'Reilly Open Source Convention.

July 2/23

Sungo presented two articles to about POE application development. [Part One] && [Part Two]

January 23

Randal L. Schwartz wrote another E-TPJ article about using POE to tail logfiles and stream them into an IRC channel. The article is archived at and the source code is in the cookbook at POE Cookbook/IRC Logfile Tailing.


March 10

Randal L. Schwartz wrote his first E-TPJ article about using POE to colorize tailed logs with a web interface. The article link is, and the code has been placed in the cookbook at POE Cookbook/Tail Following Web Server.

February 8

Casey West posted the release notice for version 0.25 to SlashDot. Here's the SlashDot community's [comments on POE].


September 18-20

Jos Boumans presented [POE For Beginners] at YAPC::EU 2002 in Munich, Germany.

August 26

Randal L. Schwartz gave a simple parallel link checker in [a column for Linux Magazine]. This article was inspired in part by Todd Caine's presentation.

His article is also available directly from [Linux Magazine].

July 23

Matt Sergeant (baud) presented a tutorial that covered the basics of POE and explained many of the practical things it's good for. His [slides and examples] are online.

June 27

POE is one of [ten modules Simon Cozens (lathos) wouldn't go anywhere without].

February 11

Reverend T.J. Eckman wrote a parody of the Log Song.

February 10

coral started singing Ren and Stimpy parodies with a POE theme.


September 7

Electronic mail from Todd Caine, posted with permission.

August 30

Steve McNabb presented a fifteen minute lightning talk on POE to the Toronto Perl Mongers group. Here are [his slides].

July 3

[Der Event in der Menge] was published in [heise online]. It's in German, and while [AltaVista can translate it to English], the translation is incomplete and difficult to read.

May 25

[Need To Know] published [a paragraph on POE] in its Tracking section. I think they like it.

April 20

Matt Cashner (sungo) [presented POE] to

January 19

[] has [A Beginner's Introduction to POE]. People consider this one of the best POE introductions out there, although it's showing its age.

2001 Sometime

Rocco was nominated for an [Active Award] for his work on POE.


We're sure something happened this year, but we were too busy to take notes. If you remember something, please drop us a line.


August 24

POE won the "Best New Module" award at The Perl Conference 3 (now OSCON), but the web holds very little information about it.


August 15

POE was first released to an unsuspecting public.