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[CPAN's search site] is the best, most up-to-date source for Perl module documentation on the web.

Portions of POE's documentation have been [translated into Japanese]. Please thank [Kenji Inoue] if you find them useful.

POE Articles Elsewhere

[Building Applications with POE] by Matt Cashner.

[Application Design with POE] by Matt Cashner.

[Doing Many Things at Once] by Randal L. Schwartz

[Watching Log Files] by Randal L. Schwartz.

[Watching Log Files in an IRC channel] by Randal L. Schwartz.

[Graphical Interaction with POE and Tk] by Randal L. Schwartz.

[A Beginner's Introduction to POE] by Dennis Taylor and Geoff Goff. The examples in this article are out of date, however.

Future Documentation

Open Source documentation is a work in progress. POE's documentation work has [moved into Git] for better management.

Older Works

A loosely maintained /Beginners Guide exists. It's full of deep POE lore, and it may be a good guide to conceptual hot spots in the current documentation.

Development Discussions

/Problem with the clock