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2009-07-02 - [Damien Krotkine discusses Curses::Toolkit], a textual widget library he's writing with some help from POE. He has also published [his slides].

2009-07-02 - Jerome Quelin writes about his [Pandemic game], which uses POE and Tk.

2009-06-13 - [Damien Krotkine discusses Curses::Toolkit], a textual widget library he's writing with some help from POE. He has also published [his slides].

2009-06-12 - Michael Scherer talks at the French Perl Workshop about [using POE for IRC bots] (French).

2009-06-12 - Damien Kortkine explains [how to create a POE::Wheel] (French).

2009-05-18 - [Bruno Vecchi uses POE::Component::DirWatch::Object] to trigger DNA sequence translation workflows when files are dropped into an inbox folder.

2009-05-15 - New site code and templates! Next task: move around the furniture!

2009-05-09 - Paul Miller releases [MrShell], a command line tool to run the same command on several hosts at once. It's also available as [App::MrShell] on the CPAN.

2009-04-21 - POE 1.005 was released. This release includes the complete first draft of POE's new documentation.

2009-04-08 - Hubert Lubaczewski writes (and writes about) [an HTTP to MUD proxy].

2009-03-31 - POE wasn't accepted for The Perl Foundation's entry in the 2009 Google Summer of Code. Please support TPF, however, by visiting [The Perl Foundation's GSoC site].

2009-03-13 - [Koha] 3.0 is released. This open-source Integrated Library System (ILS) uses POE.

2009-02-26 - Damien Kortkine announces his [Curses::Toolkit] project, which uses POE for its runloop.

2009-02-26 - Alex White describes [Grid::Panoptes], a self-deploying, agent-based monitoring system built in Perl with POE, GRID::Machine, Moose and DBM::Deep.

2009-02-22 - POE 1.003_01 has been released with several bug fixes and all-new documentation. This is a developer release so that the CPAN testers can check it out. The official 1.004 release will be out shortly. Until then, you can start reading the docs at

2009-02-01 - Johannes Plunien publishes [a Twitter client for irssi] using POE.

2009-01-06 - Jermoe Quelin releases [POE::Component::Client::MPD].

2008-11-16 - Revision 2400 - Since POE reached 1.0, we've been putting our time into rewriting the documentation. This morning's commits, r2399 and r2400 finish a new draft for POE::Wheel::ReadWrite. POE also turned 10 this year, which means we've sustained an average rate of about 240 commits per year (or one commit every day and a half).

2008-10-21 - Nathan Harrington at IBM shows one way to [shut down idle computers on your network automatically]. It uses a very short POE server to listen for shutdown requests.

2008-10-07 - Jason L. Froebe writes a recipe for [integrating Linux::Inotify2 with POE].

2008-10-?? - Flavio Poletti presents [ Wants Your Bot] (Italian).

2008-09-15 - Peter Stuifzand publishes the [Fiddle music player], a small, fast music player daemon using POE::Loop::Glib.

2008-05-15 - Faiz Kazi presents [From POE to Erlang] (English) at YAPC::Asia 2008.

2008-01-29 - Andrew Whitworth describes [a quick hack to compare Wikibooks and Wikiversity edits], but it's unfortunately light on actual code.

2007-12-13 - Kevin Scaldeferri presented [Erlang: The Perl of Functional Languages -- POE: The Erlang of Perl] to

2007-12-01 - Jérôme Quelin wrote [Principes généraux de POE] for Linux Magazine France #100. Jérôme's article also covers distributed message passing with POE::Component::IRC.

2007-02-16 - Chris Williams announced [PITA::POE::SupportServer], a mere two days after Adam Kennedy challenged someone to write it.

2007-04-01 - Matthew Gast writes about [Time-Zone Processing with Asterisk], using POE::Component::Client::Asterisk::Manager.

2007-01-18 - A group of bioinformatics scientists present a paper on [ProServer], a lightweight Distributed Annotation System (DAS) for publishing DNA or protein sequences. POE fulfills its networking requirements.

2006-09-29 - Stefano Rodighiero presents [an introduction to POE] (Italian) at OpenExp 2006.

2006-09-18 - Jason L. Froebe writes [a recipe for managing multiple forked processes with POE].

2006-09-12 - Joshua McAdams introduces [POE and Perl] at UniForum Chicago.

2006-09-?? - Randal L. Schwartz wrote [Searching with POE and IRC] for Linux Magazine.

2006-06-27 - JT Smith presents [an asynchronous workflow engine] using POE and mod_perl to YAPC Chicago.

2006-??-?? - James Deese' Applied Cryptography class project is [an encrypted chat server] using POE, with clients using IO::Socket.

2005-12-05 - Alexander Zangerl and Robert Barta explore distributed file integrity checking in their paper [Perl, POE, Peers and Paranoia].

2005-09-01 - Matt Cashner writes about [Getting Started with POE] for Perl Journal.

2005-07-12 - POE receives the honor of [a Wikipedia article].

2005-05-05 - Dirk Tostmann writes a [miniature Perl-based SIP proxy] that can be used as a local PBX for SIP phones.

2004-07-23 - Matt Cashner continues his series with [Building Applications with POE].

2004-07-02 - Matt Cashner introduces [Application Design with POE].

2004-05-15 - [Frivolity], a Perl server for Volity's parlor and referee protocols is released using POE::Component::Jabber.

2004-03-23 - Randal L. Schwartz wrote [Graphical Interaction with POE and Tk] for The Perl Journal. The code is also available at POE Cookbook/Tk Interfaces with his permission.

2004-02-03 - Jonathan Steinert presented POE to [Chicago.PM].

2004-02-?? - [David Manura applies Google's PageRank algorithm to CPAN dependencies]. POE ranks #11.

2004-??-?? - [HUDLite], an Asterisk desktop tool to manage calls, uses POE.

2004-??-?? - [Paul Visscher] presents POE.

2003-11-20 - Simon Cozens writes about [Protocol Debugging with POE].

2003-08-09 - RMGir wrote [Introduction to POE].

2003-06-09 - Glyph Lefkowitz of Twisted Matrix Labs [mentions POE in his paper about Twisted].

2003-03-10 - Randal L. Schwartz wrote [Watching Log Files], an electronic Perl Journal article about using POE to colorize and tail logs with a web interface. The code is also available at POE Cookbook/Tail Following Web Server with his permission.

2003-02-08 - Casey West posted the release notice for version 0.25 to SlashDot. Here are the SlashDot community's [comments on POE].

2002-10-15 - Matt Webb wrote [an AIM gateway for Google search], using POE among other things.

2002-09-18 - Jos Boumans presented [POE For Beginners] at YAPC::EU 2002 in Munich, Germany.

2002-08-30 - Al Tobey presented POE to [].

2002-08-26 - Randal L. Schwartz wrote [Doing Many Things at Once], an article presenting a simple parallel link checker in Linux Magazine. This article was partly inspired by Todd Caine's presentation. Randal's article is also available directly from [Linux Magazine].

2002-07-23 - Matt Sergeant (baud) presented [a basic and practical POE tutorial].

2002-06-27 - POE is one of [ten modules Simon Cozens (lathos) wouldn't go anywhere without].

2002-06-26 - Jos Boumans (kane) presented a well-received 90-minute tutorial, [POE for Beginners] at YAPC::NA 19102.

2002-06-12 - Todd Caine (tcaine) presented POE to the Portland Perl Mongers at their June meeting. [Slides] and [notes] are available online.

2002-02-11 - Reverend T.J. Eckman wrote a parody of the Log Song.

2002-02-10 - coral started singing Ren and Stimpy parodies with a POE theme.

2002-02-03 - The bottom of [the 3 Feb Interconnected Weblog] contains an extremely geeky post about POE.

2002-01-02 - Daniel Shane posted [this message] searching for a Python framework as good as POE is for Perl.

2001-12-12 - [The 2001 Perl Advent Calendar] featured POE::Component::Client::HTTP. It has improved substantially since then.

2001-10-22 - Sam Vilain introduces the fastcgi-developers mailing list to POE in the thread [Making FastCGI's able to handle multiple requests simultaneously?]

2001-09-07 - Electronic mail from Todd Caine, posted with permission.

2001-08-30 - Steve McNabb presented [a fifteen minute lightning talk on POE] to the Toronto Perl Mongers.

2001-07-03 - [Der Event in der Menge] was published in [heise online]. It's in German.

2001-05-25 - [Need To Know] published [a paragraph on POE] in its Tracking section. I think they like it.

2001-04-20 - Matt Cashner (sungo) [presented POE] to

2001-01-19 - Dennis Taylor and Jeff Goff published [A Beginner's Introduction to POE]. Dennis created Net::IRC and POE::Component::IRC.

2001-??-?? - Rocco was nominated for an [Active Award] for his work on POE.

2000-??-?? - We're sure something happened this year, but we were too busy to take notes. If you remember something, please add it to this page. See the links in the footer.

1999-08-24 - POE won the "Best New Module" award at The Perl Conference 3 (now OSCON), but the web holds very little information about it.

1998-08-15 - POE was first released to an unsuspecting public on or about this date.