Current projects

Current maintainer of POE::Component::IRC.

Currently working on POE::Component::Server::IRC, implementing a RFC 2810 to RFC 2813 compliant IRC server.

Deprecated in favour of the above, is POE::Component::IRC::Service, a POE framework for writing IRC Services. A preliminary release is available on [CPAN].

Released projects

Implemented Ident pocos for client and server. Available on [CPAN].

Implemented NNTP poco for client. Available on [CPAN].

Implemented a POE Filter wrapper for Text::CSV. Yet again, it is available on [CPAN].

Implemented server pocos for the simple services: Echo, Discard, Chargen, QotD, Daytime and Time; which are available from [CPAN].

All documentation is available on [CPAN].